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Modelling and Design of Molecular Materials is a biannual conference devoted to presenting contemporary computational methods along with their applications in molecular modelling and molecular material design and related fields. Planned sessions include:
  • advances in computational methods
  • designed biomaterials
  • drug design
  • interactions in molecular materials
  • modeling biomaterials
  • modeling zeolite materials
  • modeling chemical reactions
  • nucleic acids
  • protein dynamics
  • protein structure prediction
  • workshop - tools for computational chemistry
All conference lectures during the 2008 edition of MDMM will be held in Piechowice at the Hotel "Las", about 150 kilometers from Wrocław in the Karkonosze Mountains. For information on travelling to the conference venue please refer to the page on travel & tips. Refereed conference proceedings will be published in the Journal of Molecular Modeling. Proceedings from previous conferences can be found in the same journal - in the July 2007 issue from MDMM 2006 and in the September 2005 issue from MDMM 2004. Some contributions from the 2004 meeting have also appeared in the Springer book volume Molecular Materials with Specific Interactions: Modeling & Design. Also, take note that another meeting is being organized on July 13-17, 2008 in the same location by the Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, the 11th International Conference ERPOS-11 (Electrical and Related Properties of Organic Solids).
The conference is over! This year we hosted 107 participants from 20 different countries.
All correspondence: Previous meetings: MDMM2006 | MDMM2004
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