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MDMM 2006 conference MDMM 2006 is a conference devoted to presenting contemporary computational methods and their applications in fields such as molecular modeling and the design of molecular materials. Part of the lectures will be given by experimentalists involved in the synthesis and testing of novel designed materials. All conference lectures and workshops will be held at Wroc³aw University of Technology, building B4, Smoluchowskiego Street. Information on travelling to and moving around Wroclaw can be found on the travel & tips page. Refereed conference proceedings will be published in the Journal of Molecular Modeling. Proceedings from the previous conference, MDMM 2004, were published in the September 2005 issue of this journal. Some contributions from the previous meeting will also appear in the Springer book volume Molecular Materials with Specific Interactions: Modeling & Design. The meeting is an event supported by the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences (EuCheMS) and its Working Party on Computational Chemistry. You are also encouraged to participate an earlier WPCC event, the 6th European Conference on Computational Chemistry, which will take place this year in Tale, Slovakia, September 3-7, 2006. Download the conference program Download the book of abstracts Download the practical guide Gallery of pictures All correspondence should be sent to: Monte Carlo and statistics workshop Several evening sessions with lectures and laboratories - Monte Carlo and statistics: modelling of molecular adsorption in nanoporous materials - will be dedicated to students. It will be lead by Prof. L. Firlej and Prof. B. Kuchta. The number of participants in the laboratory hands-on sessions is limited to about 20. Wroc³aw University of Technology WCSS Jackson State University Charles University, Prague EuChems Send comments and questions to: Powered by PHP & Python
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