Abstracts in English should be prepared as a single page (including figures, tables, references etc.) and submitted by e-mail as attached files to the following addres: workshop@mml.ch.pwr.wroc.pl by August 15-th.

Abstracts have to be prepared according to the following requirements:

  1. A4 paper format,
  2. 2cm horizontal and vertical margins,
  3. single-spaced text,
  4. 12pt Times-family font,
  5. affiliation of each author should be clearly indicated using lower-case letters in superscript (a, b, c etc.),
  6. presenting author name should be underlined.

Abstract can be prepared using any common text processor (Microsoft Word, OpenOffice etc.) or LaTeX system. Accepted file formats are: RTF, SXW and TEX (source file). The file should be named with your surname and initials, for example: Smith.J.rtf if your name is John Smith.